US Dollar Account Earn more with 3.00% interest* and a super-low exchange rate.

Enjoy no monthly fees on your USD account—and make free USD to USD transfers within Canada.

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Send US dollars abroad without the hassle

Need to send US dollars to the United States or another country? We’ve got an app for that (spoiler alert: it’s our EQ Bank app—or desktop banking, whatever you prefer).

Once you open our US Dollar Account, sending US dollars abroad couldn’t be easier. Here’s how it works:

  • You can send US dollars to the United States, or another country where your recipient has a USD account
  • In just a few easy steps, you can send USD dollars abroad with no hidden fees, powered by Wise
  • How fast is it? On many popular routes, your money can arrive within a day, or even instantly! Talk about a no-nonsense approach.

You can also send international money transfers with your Canadian dollar funds through your Personal Account. Learn more about that here.

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How about moving US dollars within Canada?

You can do that too, and it’s free. Make as many USD to USD transfers within Canada as you need to—it will always be convenient, and it’ll never cost a thing.

Move CAD funds to your USD account in a snap

If you’re looking to fund your US Dollar Account with Canadian savings, it couldn’t be simpler. In fact, it’s as fast and seamless as if you were sending money to your Personal Account. No extra steps, no nonsense.

No paperwork, no line ups, just a US Dollar Account in minutes.

If you’re not yet an EQ Bank customer, no problem. Simply start by opening a Personal Account first (through our hassle-free online sign up). From there, opening your US Dollar Account is a breeze.

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If you’re already an EQ Bank customer, you can open a US Dollar Account from your web browser or mobile app in a few simple steps.
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Common questions answered

Visit our FAQ to learn more about our US Dollar Account.

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