EQ Bank Mobile and Online Banking Security Guarantee

Our Commitment and Guarantee

At EQ Bank, we are committed to providing a safe mobile and online banking environment that starts the moment you open your EQ Bank account.  Safeguarding your account is top of mind, which is why we offer security features that are continuously being monitored and improved.

If Unauthorized Activity1 is conducted on your account through our mobile and online banking services, you are protected and will be reimbursed 100% for any resulting losses to your account, provided you have met all of your responsibilities under the terms of your Account as described below.

What we do to protect you

We deploy multiple security layers for your protection including the combination of data encryption, strong password requirements, security questions and fraud monitoring and detection, all of which are designed to protect against unauthorized access. We will never send you unsolicited emails or SMS messages asking for your mobile and online banking password, Login ID or account number nor would we ever ask you to validate or restore your account access through unsolicited email. Similarly, we will never send you an SMS message asking you to download an update or a promotional app by clicking an enclosed link.

These are just a few examples of how serious we are when it comes to protecting your privacy, information and money.

What we ask of you

We depend on you to play a part in helping to protect your security and to prevent losses.  To reduce the risk of illegal activity in your accounts and to qualify for the EQ Bank Mobile and Online Security Guarantee, we ask that you follow these important safety measures:

  • Contact us immediately if you know or suspect that your password has become known to someone else, or if there has been suspicious activity in your account that you did not authorize.
  • Never share your Login ID, password, or security questions (or answers) with anyone.  Keep this information absolutely confidential.
  • Use secure password-protected devices and networks you trust.
  • Make sure you are using up-to-date anti-virus software.
  • Do not download mobile banking app from any site other than the device operating system app store.
  • Sign out at the end of each online banking session.
  • Review your monthly statements at least every 30 days and report any errors in a timely manner. 
  • If you discover or suspect unauthorized activity, contact us immediately to let us know.
  • Assist us in any investigation into improper access to your accounts.
  • Memorize your passwords;
  • Maintain no written record of your password;
  • Avoid using passwords or codes which may be easy for someone to guess or which are directly associated with you;
  • Avoid repeating passwords or codes;
  • Take the steps required to safeguard your Electronic Identification. Ensure that all components your Login ID remains confidential to you, including exercising caution when keying in or speaking at a telephone or electronic device; and  
  • Passwords included in your Electronic Identification should not be shared with others.

For full details regarding protections and limitations of the EQ Bank Mobile and Online Banking Security Guarantee, please see our Mobile and Online Banking Terms and Conditions and the Personal Account Agreement

1Unauthorized Activity means a transaction that was carried out in your EQ Bank account through  mobile and online banking without your permission, authorization or knowledge and where it can be established that you are a victim of fraud, theft or coercion.

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