Hey, Quebec! It’s time to Make Bank (without all the take).

Enjoy everyday banking that offers 2.50% interest*, free everyday transactions—and zero fees**.

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Everyday banking with everyday high interest

In a world of take, it’s time to make. It’s time for banking that gives you the features of a chequing account and the high interest of a savings account—without taking fees.

Zero fees**

Whether you’re saving, spending, or sending money, we don’t take fees.


2.50% everyday interest*

Earn high interest every day—up to 250× more than other banks!


Free everyday transactions

Enjoy free bill payments, Interac e-Transfers®, and Electronic Funds Transfers.

All digital. Zero hassle.

Bank anytime from anywhere via mobile app or desktop. No paperwork. No lineups.

Available products

Sign up for your Savings Plus Account—and add other smart products in just a few clicks.

Savings Plus Account

Spend, save, and earn 2.50% interest* without any fees**.

Learn more about our Savings Plus Account

Joint Savings Plus Account

Get all of the perks of the Savings Plus Account—with up to 3 other people.

Learn more about our Joint Savings Plus Account

TFSA Savings Account

Save for the little things, the big things, and the in-between things with 3.00% tax-free interest*.

Learn more about our TFSA Savings Account


Invest in some of the best rates in the industry on TFSA and non-registered GICs.

Learn more about our GICs

Mortgage Marketplace

Find the best mortgage for you at the best rate—online and in seconds. Really.

Learn more about Mortgage Marketplace

Open your free everyday account in as little as 5 minutes.

Start earning more 

There’s more EQ Bank to come

While we work to bring EQ Bank to Quebec as soon as we can, some products still need to be fine-tuned and are not yet available.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • US Dollar Account

    Get more on US dollars and a super-low exchange rate without monthly fees.

  • International money transfers

    Send money abroad faster, easier, and for up to 8× cheaper using Wise.

Eager to get your hands on upcoming products?

Sign up for our wait list and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch.

How does EQ Bank stack up against the rest?

TL;DR: we come out on top.

At EQ Bank, you get:
2.50% interest* on every dollar
The same rate for every customer, new or old
No fees**
Free everyday transactions
No account minimums
No branches = more savings


At other banks, you often get:
Barely-there interest rates
Different rates for different customers
Monthly fees, hidden fees, surprise fees, etc.
Transaction fees
Minimum balance requirements
Costly branches = more fees


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