TFSA Savings Account Tax-free make. None of the take.

Open a TFSA to earn 3.00%* tax-free interest with flexible withdrawals and zero fees.

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High interest? Win. Tax-free high interest? Win-win.

Benefits of an EQ Bank TFSA:

  • Earn 3.00% tax-free interest*.
  • Open a TFSA online. Zero paperwork or phone calls.
  • Zero fees. Free and flexible withdrawals.
  • Easy set-up of recurring contributions from your Personal Account or an external one.
  • All deposits are eligible for (CDIC) protection.
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Want higher tax-free interest? Lock in a TFSA GIC.

Explore our other great rates and range of term options.


Contribution limit

  • $7,0001: the amount you can contribute in 2024—as a combined total of TFSAs held at all institutions.

  • Each year, unused contribution room carries over to the next year, going back to 2009 or the year you turned 18 (whichever came later).

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Lifetime contribution limit

If you've never contributed to a TFSA, and you were eligible to contribute since they were introduced in 2009, you can contribute a total of up to $95,000.

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Not yet an EQ Bank customer? No problem. Start by opening a Personal Account and then open a TFSA in minutes.

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If you’re already an EQ Bank customer, you can open a TFSA from your web browser or mobile app in a few simple steps. Sign in

You can also easily transfer money from an existing TFSA to EQ Bank (learn more about making transfers).

Common questions answered

Visit our FAQ for more details about TFSAs.

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