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What is a First Home Savings Account?

The First Home Savings Account (FHSA) is a registered plan that lets first-time homebuyers save up to a lifetime maximum of $40,000—tax-free—to put toward the purchase of their first home.

What are the benefits of an FHSA?

The FHSA combines the advantages of both the TFSA and RRSP:

  • Contributions reduce your taxable income (like an RRSP)
  • Interest earned is tax-free (like a TFSA)
  • Qualifying withdrawals are tax-free1 and don’t need to be repaid (like a TFSA)

Who’s eligible for an FHSA?

You can open an FHSA if you:

  • Are a Canadian resident
  • Are aged 18 - 71
  • Are a first-time homebuyer2

What are the contribution guidelines?

You can contribute up to $8,000 annually—with a lifetime contribution limit of $40,000. Any unused contribution room can carry forward to the following year up to a maximum of $8,000.

For example, if you contribute $5,000 to your FHSA in 2023, you’ll be allowed to contribute $11,000 in 2024.

Any contributions over the $8,000 annual limit (except for any unused portions from the previous year) will be penalized 1% on the highest excess amount in the month, for each month that the excess remains in your account.

circle graph of annual contribution limit of $8,000 and lifetime contribution limit of $40,000

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How does an FHSA compare to a TFSA or RRSP?

An FHSA gives you the best of both tax-advantaged worlds—here’s how:

Contributions are tax-deductible  Bullet-Checkmark-DarkPink
Withdrawals are tax-free1 Bullet-Checkmark-DarkPink
Withdrawals don’t need to be paid back Bullet-Checkmark-DarkPink  3

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