Notice Savings Account Sit back. Save more.

Get one of the best savings rates in Canada, and the flexibility to access your money anytime with advance notice.

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The Notice Savings Account is not currently available in Quebec.

Give advance notice on withdrawals, get a better rate.

Planning ahead lets you maximize your savings. The more notice you give, the better rate you’ll get—with two great options to choose from.

Ditch the rate bait and switch for up to 7x** more interest than with other banks.

A major drop in your interest rate after a limited-time offer—that only some customers seem to get—is a major blow. That’s why we don’t do that. Instead, we offer up to 7x** more interest than with other banks.

  • Better rates. No limited-time conditions.
  • Same high rates for all. No special treatment.
  • No fees or minimum balance requirements.
  • CDIC eligibility for all deposits.

How our Notice Savings Account works

1. Choose a rate.

Your selection determines how much notice you need to give for withdrawals.

2. Deposit money and start earning.

Interest is earned daily—and you can keep making deposits whenever you like.

3. Request to withdraw funds at any time.

Trigger a withdrawal request whenever you want—they’re free and unlimited.

4. Access funds after 10 or 30 days.

Based on the rate you selected, you can access your withdrawal funds after 10 or 30 days.

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Common questions answered

Visit our FAQ for more details about our Notice Savings Account.

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