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Our international money transfers are up to 8× cheaper—with no hidden fees or markups.

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Wish your money could teleport
(without any travel markups)?

We can (almost) do that. Forget the nonsense of markups and sending money that takes forever to get there, because international money transfers are fast, easy to send, and up to 8× cheaper with EQ Bank powered by Wise.

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  • $0 will be converted at a rate of 0
    —the real exchange rate
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Why we’re better than other banks

For starters, our international money transfers are up to 8× cheaper than other banks. It also doesn’t take a lot of time, and it’s easy!

Here’s how we arrive at the Wise fee versus estimated costs with some of the other guys:

EQ Bank

Zero markups

You get the real exchange rate—zero markups.

You pay once (and only once)

There’s just one small clearly outlined fee for sending a transfer.


We're up to 8× cheaper.


Other Banks

You pay a hidden markup

The exchange rate you get is inflated—which means your hard-earned money is being put towards a fee you can’t be sure of.

You could pay a second or third time

You may be charged by your bank before the money leaves the country, and then again by the bank in the recipient’s destination country.


The charges can pile up without the full transparency of knowing what you’re paying each time or where it’s coming from.


Reality check: this is how much you would have been charged with the others if you sent $500.00 CAD on February 16th, 2022.

BankTotal cost to send INR to India 1Total cost to send USD to the United States 1Total cost to send EUR to France1
EQ Bank2$3.91 $3.51 $3.26
TD Canada Trust3 $15.12$19.83$25.66
Scotiabank4 $16.35 $15.16$17.55
Simplii7 $8.63$15.16$14.76
RBC8$21.58 $17.10$21.39

What is Wise, you ask? 

Wise—formerly known as TransferWise—is a money transfer platform that offers a cheap, fast way to send money around the world. Together, we’re able to give customers access to the best digital banking environment possible. Because shouldn’t smart people have access to the smartest tools?

We’ve integrated Wise into our online and mobile banking, so you can send money abroad at the real exchange rate, just like the one you see online. Full transparency. No surprises.

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Common questions answered

Visit our FAQ for more details about our International Money Transfers.

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